All About Android

I’m on All About Android this evening at 5:30 PM PT. There should be lots to discuss this week, with the unveiling of Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone and rumors that Amazon is going to get back into making phones again, although this time with Google services included.

Live from Google I/O

I’m thrilled to be covering Google I/O again. It’s going to be a pretty crazy day: artificial intelligence, Android, Chrome, and probably the occasional surprise. Google has a livestream of the event if you want to follow along. I’ll be tweeting away as @derekwalter.

Ideas Matter

One of the best news shows on television is CNN’s GPS. Host Fareed Zakaria usually brings in a panel of sharp guests that offer a more intellectual dialogue than what’s typically found on other cable news networks. I was taken by the recent work of billionaire Nicolas Berggruen who, instead of doing the usual hospital wing donation or …

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