Seriously, just buy a Pixel

As a tech writer I’m usually the go-to for friends and family when it comes to what smartphone they should buy. Even though I love Android, I found myself in the past often recommending the iPhone.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy hardware is top-notch, but the software is still inconsistent. Nexus phones offered the best in pure Google software integration, but you still had to be willing to buy one unlocked and rely on remote support.

Other phones also were a mix of weird interface skins, inconsistent software updates, and confusing product decisions. Sometimes you just had to love Android a little too much for it to be worthwhile.

But now my tune has changed. I find myself evangelizing like a desert prophet about the Pixel. It’s primarily because one of the best things that Google did was apply the core strengths from Apple’s playbook to Android: integration of hardware and software. The Pixel gets updates straight from Google without any type of carrier delay, unlike other Android phones. Because it controls the entire process, little things like touch latency are superb. It feels like a complete product from one end to another.

If you want to explore a little deeper, check out my guide of 20 Pixel tips and tricks over at Tom’s Guide. I expect Google to accelerate how it moves Android and the Google Assistant forward in the new year as the company seeks to be your omnipresent digital assistant.